All Life Near Gone

by Yellow Bentines

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released June 16, 2016

Music, Lyrics & Arrangement - Martin Hay

Creative Direction, Photography & Design (c) 2016 MacFlowers /

Tuba - Danielle Price
Trombones - Mark Good & Fraser Gibson
Trumpets - Sarah Findlay, Helen Equi & Jack Walker
Vocals - Martin Hay & Graham Lough


all rights reserved



Yellow Bentines Alva, UK

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Track Name: Mercy Me
Mercy me
Show me pictures and I’ll be free
I’ve been living on my own you see
Take me out and I’ll be pleased.

I can see
You’re the angel that arouses me
And together we will never leave
I know you love me I am pleased

And with your love and kisses
You'll come settle down with me
And the outside people send me their best wishes
Although they are not people I see
Mercy Me

Come to me
I will hold you and you’ll, you’ll be free
I’ve been made for you and you for me
When you hold me I am pleased

Your not here
I’m feeling lonely it’s been two whole years
I’m a little scared you won’t appear
I think about you I am pleased

But you’ll return
Baring gifts and love and bring the sun
We’ll talk for hours and we'll have lots of fun
I know you love me I am pleased
Track Name: Art
He’s all alone
all life near gone
locked away with his illness.

you go and see
his legacy
all his life
was wasted

he is dying
you are thriving
can you tell me
what was his name?

Take his art
and hide it
Take his art
and make sure that no one ever sees his art
it’s locked away
for now.
Track Name: Daniel's Wife's Complete Disdain Of The Younger Generation
Daniel took his wife to the hole in the wall
he was looking for their son who was most inclined to go
to the bank, before he went to the shops to buy some booze
for tonight he would go out and buy some beers and then he’d spew

This Daniel knew

Daniel’s wife suggests that they shouldn’t waste their time
he’d be craving drugs and have scoring on his mind
and all those pills affect his brain, our little boy is not the same
and the things they make him feel, it isn’t love, it isn’t real.

Daniel’s wife knew

What you’ll find, you won't like it
Times have changed it’s not like the old days

Daniel said that’s wrong, no he wouldn't touch the stuff
He’d be getting pissed just like his old man still does
and just like me, he’d start a fight to impress a girl he met that night
and she’d see there in that place that there’s a man who’d keep her safe

This Daniel knew

Daniel, tell your wife that your son won't get high
Daniel, tell your wife he’ll drink some booze and then he’ll fight

There was a knock at the door late that night
it was the cops saying “your son’s been in a
bloody and very brutal

Track Name: High Storey Boy
All these people standing ‘round
I can’t believe there is no sound
now I believe in the ground

High storey buildings make me scared
so I spread my wings and fly away
don’t try to catch me it’s ok
I’ll make it through another day

I can’t believe I heard you right
you say you’ve had another fight
you’ll make it harder on yourself
you’ll find it harder on the shelf

I’m not an accessory to crime
I’m not my father not in line
and now I know what life is like
I think I’ll sell you all my time
Track Name: In Line
Say goodbye to your friends, hope this darkness will end, there’s the call for you
Jump aboard, it’s ok to be scared, get in line, it is time for you

For you, for you, for you, for you, this is all for you.

Now inside, we’re your friends, it’s ok to pretend this was made for you
But when we stop it is time to defend what is right and what’s dear to you

To you, to you, to you, to you, what’s dear to you.

Go wild, ‘cause everybody fights
Track Name: What I've Got
I’m resigned, I’ll never be what you are seeking
But I’ll be fine when everything just falls to pieces
And God is mine, I never thought I’d see so clearly
And there’s my life, packed away so neat beneath me

Day by day you take what’s mine but leave the feelings
and in this way we both can feel that we are needed
but it’s OK I’ll keep you near and save the details
I’ve got a place where I can go when everything fails

If you leave me, I’ll piece you up inside my head the only place that I’ve got,
If you leave me, I’ll piece you up inside my head the only place that I’ve got left

Is up inside my head the only place that I’ve got left.
Track Name: The Descent Of A Man
There’s so many people in this world and so little space on my floor.
And some of them will not survive this night while at home I lock my door.
And while dictators all around the world they put their people in fresh graves.
Just remember why those dictators have been made.

Science defends me, yes in everything, just need to pay to find the proof.
With the education I provide for you, you will never know the truth.
Your information only comes from me, your television tells no lies.
First your complacency then your lives.

And somewhere in my heart I will feel a piece of regret for what I’ve done to you.
But I play my part in this world that only ever seems to have one view:

I am superior to you.
Track Name: No One To Blame
I have seen you smile again for a while
But I think it is time for me to go

I have seen you cry I know when and why
So I think it is time for me to go

So cut off the power to my life
She’s so deep inside, stuck in my mind make it all right
So when it rains I’ve got no one to blame

I have been away, that’s where I think I should stay
Cause I know you don’t want me anymore

How can the world that is ours, sink so low turn so sour
As the girl that I love walks away.

So cut off the power to my life
She’s so deep inside, stuck in my mind make it all right
So when it rains I’ve got no one to blame